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Are you exhausted?

  • Do you have to rock or swing your baby to sleep for extended periods but she still wakes up too soon leaving you exhausted and frustrated?
  • Are you exhausted from getting up multiple times per night to put your baby back to sleep?
  • Will your baby only nap for 40 minute stretches but wakes up tired?
  • Is your toddler waking up far too early in the morning and starts the day tired and irritable making him seem unmanageable?
  • Is your toddler having middle of the night wakings that is making him cranky and tempermental?
  • Are you having trouble figuring out how to get your baby to sleep through the night?
  • Do you need help figuring out how to soothe your newborn?
  • Are you frustrated because your baby won’t sleep?
  • Have you read lots of sleep books but have still found no practical applications to implement?

I understand because I have been there myself.


We are a much happier and healthier family now. Baby puts himself to sleep independently at naps and bedtime. He sleeps long stretches at night and he has begun developing quicker thanks to proper rest. Hiring Sarah was the best thing for our family. She gave us the strategies and skills to help our little man sleep better. I highly recommend her!

– Krista M, ON, Canada

When Can My Baby Sleep Through The Night?

private-consultWhen can my baby sleep through the night? Ahhh… The million dollar question!!! What is sleeping through the night?? First off, please be aware when you are reading different sources as to what the author is referring to when he writes “sleeps through the night”. (And when talking to other Mom’s). Many books call 6 hours sleeping through the night…readmore

When Is The Best Time To Sleep Train

private-consultI have heard many people say that their baby will grow out of their bad sleep habits. The bad news is that they won’t. So when is the best time to sleep train? Weissbluth says not before 4 months, but what is his definition of “sleep training”? Sleep training isn’t necessarily ‘crying it out”. There are many different techniques to suit different children and parents…readmore

The 4 month Sleep Regression

private-consult4 month old sleep regression – urban legend or developmental change or something else? We often hear mom’s say their child is going through a 4 month sleep regression. Is this an actual entity or an urban legend.

My little one just turned 4 months and there have been a few changes in her that I’ve noticed…readmore

"We were up every 1.5 hours at night"

"Sarah provided gentle support to help me get through my daughter's four month sleep regression. We were up nearly every hour and a half, which was making it very difficult for me to handle a demanding toddler and young baby during the day. Sarah would message me daily to review how the night had gone and provide recommendations for me to apply the following night. I went from being up four times a night to one time a night very quickly. Sarah knew that I was not willing to let my baby cry for long (at all) and she worked with me patiently to ensure that our nights improved. It has been three months since I sought Sarah's help, and I am still reaping the benefit. We couldn’t be happier with how our daughter is doing and we are ALL feeling better rested."

- Jenn B. Ottawa, ON

"I was waking up every 2 hours at night to feed my 4.5 month old."

"Before I contacted Sarah I was a walking zombie; waking up every two hours to feed my 4 1/2 month old baby. Sarah provided me with clear and concise steps on how to get my baby to self-soothe and to sleep for longer periods. Since utilizing this service, my baby is able to put herself to sleep; she is napping several times a day in her crib and she is sleeping for longer periods at night. I am so glad that I took this step and reached out for help!"

- Erin R. Edmonton, AB

"I never thought this would be possible!"

"My 2 ½ year old daughter’s sleep issues were progressively getting worse, which was very concerning to me since I was due with my second child. I had to lie with my toddler while she fell asleep which sometimes took hours. Sarah helped me achieve my sleep goals for my daughter in a 2 week period…something I never thought would be possible! Overall, this has improved the quality of life in both my daughter and myself. She is no longer cranky and I have so much more free time since I am no longer spending hours of my day trying to put her to sleep!"

- Sara F, Ottawa, ON

"Our toddler needed to be rocked and held to bed"

"A few weeks ago we were struggling big time at bedtime and with multiple night wakings. Our 2.5 year old needed to be rocked and sung to for up to an hour before she would fall asleep and she was waking several times all night long. After working with Sarah we are happy to report that our daughter now puts herself to sleep quickly and sleeps through the night. We are so much happier, and now have more energy to spend playing with our daughter through the day. Thanks Sarah!! :)"

- Angie H, Ottawa, ON

"We were getting up 4 – 8 times a night!"

"I was getting up with my 6/7 month old between 4-8 times a night, sometimes for a feed, sometimes for cuddle. I had to rock and walk her each and every wake up! I was exhausted! And then we could do no activities the next day because my baby was so tired but again she battled with me for all her naps! Helping Babies Sleep was very warm and understanding and listened to my concerns. They knew I did not want my baby to feel abandoned nor hungry at night and came up with a plan that was not only good for baby and mom, but for everyone at home. Within the first week, baby was happier and sleeping better and so was mommy! She now knows how to put herself to sleep every evening and she knows how to soothe herself to sleep in the idle of the night. I feel so good about my daughter and her healthy habits and am thankful to HBS for all their guidance and advice!"

- Rebecca S. Ottawa, ON

"My life has gone from overwhelming to calm and enjoyable"

"After having my second child I thought that I would just be able to use all the same tricks I used with my daughter. However my son was nothing like my daughter and my daughter was not so flexible about having a new brother. My son would not sleep in his crib or anywhere really for more than 20 minutes at time. I was feeling more tired and overwhelmed than I could have imagined. In a very short time Sarah helped me get my son sleeping with a style and routine that fit my family. Sarah is a very caring, knowledgeable, supportive and non-judgemental sleep consultant. She will change strategies if needed and match what you feel comfortable doing. However, she will also encourage you to try things that you may be more hesitant to do but support you the whole way. My life has gone from overwhelming to calm and much more enjoyable."

- Jordana P. Ottawa, ON

"Thanks to Helping Babies Sleep I am no longer a Mombie!"

"I was the luckiest mom in the world! I had a baby who would sleep through the night from two months old. He had a few trouble spots but we were able to correct them no problem. When Max turned 8 months old he started to wake up twice a night. Once at 1 AM and 4 AM and went back to sleep until 6 or 7am. Then around 10 months old he began to sleep from 7pm to 4am and wouldn't go back to sleep! I gave in and said "that's it I'm just one of those people that gets up at 4am now!" My friend who has dealt with Sarah and Helping Babies Sleep recommended I email her my situation to see if she'd have any advice. Sarah went through all of the possible reasons for the early morning wakings and together we found the problem and put a plan in place. Within 2 days he was sleeping 7pm- 6am and a few weeks later 7pm-7:30am! Thanks to Helping Babies Sleep I'm no longer a Mombie!!"

- Andrea, Ottawa

"My baby wouldn’t nap unless I held her... now I put her down awake and she’s asleep in minutes"

"My husband and I needed some help with our 7 month old daughter. She had slept through the night since just a few weeks old, but we were having to cuddle her to sleep and then put her down. Around 7 months it would take hours to get her asleep and then she would wake up when we put her down. Also, because of health issues at birth, we loved our daytime cuddles and didn’t want to lose them. This created a problem when it came to nap time. She wouldn't sleep during the day unless you held her and if you tried to put her down she would wake up. This is when I decided to contact Sarah. I have had lots of communication through e-mail with Sarah. She got to know my little girl and offered me some great advice on where to start and how to get to where we wanted to be. She was very quick to respond and gave me help in simple steps that I could put into place immediately. My daughter now is put to bed awake and sleeps within a few minutes. We will definitely keep at it as our plan has worked wonders. I can't thank Sarah enough as I was really starting to stress about the sleep issues. I would definitely recommend Sarah for your sleep needs! Thanks again!"

- Leeanne, Mother of an 8 month old daughter, Acton, ON

"We had a love hate relationship with the soother but didn’t know what else to do!"

"I contacted Sarah with nervous apprehension. Our 4 month old daughter was waking every 45 minutes, and attempts to remove her soother had not gone well. My husband and I were at our wits end, and to make matters worse, we were receiving conflicting advice on what to do. Sarah's sleep training advice was clear, direct and extremely helpful. It took a couple of nights, and our darling daughter is now able to soothe herself back to sleep."

- Alecia, Ontario, Canada

"If I only knew then what I know now!"

"Sarah is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to babies! I only wish someone had put me in touch with all her useful advice with my first born! Before kids I thought motherhood would come 'naturally' to me and I'd know just what to do for my sons. Now I've realized you naturally love your babies but you can begin useful practices early on to sooth and teach them a functional routine so you're both content and happy. After all, they rely on you for everything! Sarah was quick to learn about my sons' sleeping issues and respond to my questions effectively. If I could do it all again, my first consult would be while I was still pregnant to set the stage for a well rested happy baby. What a great baby-shower gift this would be!"

- Z.L, Mother of Two Barrie, ON, Canada

"What a pleasure to have my son wake up smiling in the morning!"

"I dutifully read "The Baby Whisperer" almost cover to cover and we tried implementing PU/PD. After three attempts and many hours of tears later, we couldn't get our little one to fall asleep and he was getting more and more upset at us for trying. We moved on to trying to "ferberize him". Two sleepless nights and many hours of crying later we decided we needed a more personalized approach. We were at the point where we were up almost all night holding our little one who was refusing to sleep alone in his crib and waking up every 45 minutes to be fed. Luckily, a friend recommended that we contact Sarah. I emailed in the middle of the night and, by morning, Sarah had responded with an extremely supportive and helpful email. From that point forward, Sarah worked with us to develop a sleep training approach for our little one that we were comfortable with implementing. She answered all of our questions quickly and gave us the confidence to try to teach our little one to fall asleep on his own. Its is now a few weeks since we started working with Sarah, our little one falls asleep on his own, for naps and for night time, and wakes up happy. He also has a much more rested mom and dad! Sarah's support, encouragement and personalized sleep training plan were exactly what we needed."

- J.L, mother of 7 month old, Montreal, QC

"I didn’t see that my twins were overtired! They’re not anymore."

"Sarah has been a huge help with regards to sleep training our 9 month old twins. After looking at my detailed schedule, she identified the exact problem and put a plan in place to correct things. She was right! Sarah is quick to respond to my emails, extremely knowledgeable and supportive. She not only helped my sleep deprived children sleep but also 2 sleep deprived parents sleep as well! I highly recommend this service!"

- Jen O, Barrie, ON

"My only regret is that we didn’t do this sooner!"

"I contacted Sarah on the advice of a fellow mom who heard me lamenting nap time struggles with my 7 month old daughter. Pounding out an email entitled "seeking sleep help" was equal parts "hail Mary", as I had read no fewer than 6 books on sleep, and tried and/or considered several techniques short of actual sleep training, and email therapy. Sharing my concerns and frustrations felt great. Sarah's prompt and thorough reply and practical advice and suggestions were very welcome. I was particularly impressed with Sarah's responsiveness when I questioned one part of her advice, based on my own observations of my child's temperament she listened to my rationale and readily proposed an alternate course of action. I was also struck by her timely and supportive follow up once we started sleep training. It was wonderful to have a fellow parent cheering our successes, suggesting course corrections to address new challenges, and generally keeping us accountable to the course of action we had chosen. About 10 days later, we have made tremendous progress. I am grateful for Sarah's sensitive and helpful advice and coaching, and impressed with the difference that having a third party's involvement made in our ability to carry out sleep training. My only regret is that we didn't go this route a month or two sooner! Thank you Sarah!"

- C.R., Ottawa, ON Canada

"Within one week he had slept through the night"

"By a stroke of luck it now appears, I successfully sleep trained my oldest son. He was a textbook case, and did what all the books said he would do when he was going to do it. With this experience in hand, I truly believed that when I was ready to start sleep training my second son, the experience would be as easy, and as successful. Clearly, this was not the case. At 11 months, my second little one was waking every two hours. Tired, defeated and knee deep in different sleep training methods and contradictions, I found out about Sarah and Helping Babies Sleep just when I needed help. In addition to her wealth of knowledge, Sarah brought forth a fresh perspective and ultimately an effective solution. She listened to my descriptions of my loved one's temperament, and the changes that were happening to him which included a recent move and starting daycare. After assessing several nights of our routine, Sarah had some very effective strategies at getting my loved one to sleep for longer stretches. Within one week he had his first sleep through the night, a straight 11 hours! Two months later, he consistently sleeps through the night. Sarah has been a blessing!"

- Effie, Mom of two great boys, 1 and 3, Toronto, ON Canada

"Sarah was a fantastic resource in coming to our aid to assist us with our toddler’s sleeping challenges"

"Sarah was a fantastic resource in coming to our aid to assist us with our toddler’s sleeping challenges. Springing right into action, Sarah created a comprehensive sleep plan within days of us contacting her. We appreciated her sensitivity to the fact that each child responds differently in situations as Sarah adjusted our son’s sleep program as we progressed in the plan. This helped immensely with developing our confidence as parents managing the sleep plan on our own in the home. In a few short week Sarah had helped our toddler overcome his early rise sleep issues, establish a new bedtime routine (which is now appropriate for his age) - and most importantly – Sarah helped the entire family get a better night sleep overall!"

- Carley S, Ottawa, ON

"I never thought I would need help with my baby's sleep, however I could no longer cope with her always waking up when I put her in her crib."

"I contacted Sarah at my breaking point. She was very understanding and reassuring. She gave me all the tools and encouragement possible.Going into this process I was skeptical that it would work.  The idea of my baby falling asleep on her own and without a soother seemed impossible.  I was surprised and elated when she slept through the night on our first night!! Incredible!!"

- Christine, Ottawa, ON