Enjoy Your Baby Moon

GET Started on the Right Track

Enjoy your baby moon

GET Started on the Right Track

While I love helping Moms get more sleep by guiding them through sleep training, my true mission in life is to educate Moms and Dads, before baby’s birth and in the newborn stage, so they can enjoy the baby moon period and avoid sleep training down the road.

Because here’s the truth, sleep training, should actually be called, “Sleep Re-Training”, because in those first 3 months of life, a child is trained how to fall asleep, and this is usually accomplished by nursing, being held or some sort of motion.

You are in the right place if:

  • You are pregnant, curious or anxious about the newborn phase and sleep OR
  • You are postpartum, with a baby maintaining a healthy weight curve


You want to learn some healthy habits to get your baby’s sleep on track, so you can avoid tears and sleep training.

From womb to 3 months, here’s what you can expect
from working with me in my Baby Moon Package:


Complete an intake form, including information about your current schedule or your birth date.


45-60 minute telephone call to review my newborn/prenatal sleep program to help you set up healthy sleep patterns for your baby and how to avoid common parenting pitfalls. I’ll give you a variety of different tools to help meet your baby’s needs and hone your parenting skills.


2 x 15 minute phone calls to be used within 2 weeks of our intital call.

This investment into parenting empowerment
and avoiding sleep training tears: $150

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I was able to put to good use all of the amazing
advice you taught me…

“I’m writing because I had a baby boy in January of this year and was able to put to good use all of the amazing advice you taught me. Baby J has hardly ever cried because I’ve always been so conscious of his maximum awake time and sleep needs. I felt compelled to write after putting him down for a nap and listening to two minutes of chatting on the monitor before he fell asleep. Such bliss! Thank you again for your help.”

Kristina T., Ottawa, ON