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“We were hesitant about sleep training our 3.5 month old, Avi, given he was so young, but we were in a really bad place and needed a solution.  We liked Sarah’s communication style.  She was easy to talk to and clear when it came to describing the assessment of our sleep situation and the proposed process.

We got incredible results!  We went from having to rock our son in our arms (standing up no less!) with a pacifier and putting him a rock and play that rocked ALL NIGHT LONG, to being able to put him in his crib and having him fall asleep on his own!  And, he was waking up a lot in the rock n play.  Now he doesn’t wake really, or when he does, he puts himself back to sleep.  We also went from 2 night time feeds to 1!

Sarah was very responsive and went above and beyond in supporting us with texting, emails, watching videos of what was going on, listening to audio clips of crying to help determine what the issue was.

I would recommend Sarah because she gets results!  We’d recommend her  both to parents with newborns – especially around 4-6 weeks to help establish good sleeping habits and then 4 months+. “

Namita and Avi, Menlo Park CA

I knew something needed to change as we were so exhausted and I really wanted my son to benefit from the sleep he desperately needed.  Sarah was recommended by another mom, so I was glad to have someone that had already worked with her tell me how great she was!

Sarah helped us realize there was something else at play with my son’s sleep. After visiting the doctor and getting referred to a pediatrician, we got a diagnosis and were able to move forward.

Our son was sleeping through the night with 2 dream feeds within 7 days. He was also taking great naps by that time as well.

The best part of working with Sarah was having someone knowledgeable help you along the way. I second guess myself all the time and having the support and assistance when I needed it really helped us get through the tough days.

Having the sleep knowledge and background Sarah taught us is a game changer. We know how to be consistent and give the same message to get through difficult sleep times.  

The most important thing people need to know about working with Sarah is to trust her.  She knows what she’s doing and it’s sometimes hard to wrap your head around that when you’re exhausted and mentally done. I wouldn’t be so keen to recommend Sarah if she hadn’t changed our lives. Our sleep and my son’s digestive system!

Elyse K, Brantford, ON

I was hesitant to work with Sarah because of the cost and this feeling that I “should” be able to figure it out on my own. I got over my hesitations when it became clear my son wasn’t magically going to nap/sleep better and when I realized that the cost was well worth having a happy/rested baby and mom (:

I learned sleep routine necessities and the importance of routine. I learned when was an ideal time to put him down for naps and bedtime.

After learning all these things and getting consistent feedback from Sarah, my son now falls asleep for naps and bedtimes right away and takes longer naps and sleeps more at night and sleeps in past 6 am!

My guy is a happier baby during the day and I am happier and more well-rested (which has improved the relationship with husband as well) and now we can get a babysitter as anyone can put my son to sleep now!

Sarah is extremely knowledgeable,  professional, practical, and kind. I would recommend her to anyone whose newborn or toddler is struggling with naps, bedtimes, getting enough sleep, and/or self-soothing.

I wish all new moms had access to Sarah. She is extremely reassuring and she gave me the courage and motivation to move forward with sleep training with amazing results.”

Shana S., Palo Alto, CA

Sarah’s gentle sleep plan and caring demeanour was exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to start helping our son sleep better.

When we called Sarah we were all sleeping the night in the same bed and our 7 month old was still napping in a moving swing….None of us were sleeping very well and we were all so tired.
What made it worse was I didn’t have the energy to really enjoy my days with my son!

We knew it had to change but wanted it to be a gentle transition. Given our sons tenacious temperament we weren’t sure how it would go… To our amazement it went surprisingly well and our son now sleeps through the night!!

I would never have dreamed we’d be where we are today in only a few days! In fact, the notion of “sleep training” was far worse than what actually unfolded.

I would also add that Sarah worked especially hard to tailor a plan to our specific needs. Our son was a small baby and I wanted to make sure he was still gaining weight appropriately.

I can’t thank you enough Sarah!!!”

Lisa M, Ottawa, On

My initial hesitation of working with Sarah for my 6 month old, was that she would be super strict and impose a plan that I would not want to follow (like CIO).

Or say something like, lose the pacifier or the deal is off!

I was really glad to know that you are very understanding and start with where I’m at instead of imposing your solution. The plan for very much a collaborative effort. I wanted to work with Sarah to have an expert guide me as I was making a mess of things on my own. To be able to troubleshoot situations with her was invaluable.

The results were amazing.  My daughter was sleeping through the night before the plan was over.  I felt empowered and I was able to empower my children to self-sooth, fall asleep and stay asleep.

My favorite part of working with Sarah was her empathy.  She was very encouraging when I thought I was not doing a good job or if I messed up the plan.  She gave me the reassurance that I didn’t completely sabotage my daughter’s future! I now have two happy and rested kids.

I recommend Sarah to  just about anyone who wants to talk to me about sleep. I work as a healthcare practitioner at a Children’s hospital and I  mention Sarah to every parent who wants to talk to me about sleep.

I’d do it all over again and I’d spend double the money. There’s no price for healthy sleep habits, for healthy and happy kids, for a restful night, and for a happy marriage. Sarah gave me all those things back.”

Anne and Sofia, Pediatric Nurse, 6 mo, Montreal, QC

We decided to work with Sarah because we were completely desperate with our 11 month old who was dependent on a parent to lay with her to fall asleep at bedtime and at her many night waking.

My wife and I were hesitant to use Sarah’s services because we didn’t think the online communication would meet our needs.  I was also hesitant that Sarah wouldn’t be able to really get to know us and to personalize our situation so much.  I was completely wrong. ”

Lisa M, Ottawa, On

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